Blogpost #1

As the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work.” And nothing makes teamwork better than communicating effectively. It is pivotal to be able to communicate with your team, not just about the problems but also your success. It’s good to keep your team motivated and create a safe environment for new ideas and engage with your colleagues. Right now I am having to utilize this skill as a SCRUM master for my spd class assignment. Every day we will check in with one another on our current progress.

There have been many instances where I feel that I have failed to communicate. I have always struggled to communicate when there is an issue that I am running into. I feel like it is important that I get over this problem, but it is difficult. I feel like recently I have made a breakthrough. I am finding it easier to share my stress and less embarrassing. One thing I struggle with is anxiety and a recent lack of confidence in dealing with an abundance of work or being overwhelmed. I want to further hold myself accountable and push myself to keep stepping in the right direction.



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